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System Integra provides an open, professional and team oriented work culture. We provide flexible work schedule, open door policy and result oriented management style.

Our work environment, advanced project management, innovation, task ownership and team is truly unique and makes System Integra an exciting place to work. Our team is made up of individuals from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and cultures working together to deliver high quality secure information technology solutions. We believe in working with integrity as we support our customers' needs. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits and a dynamic work environment.

General requirements:

  • Excellent written and oral communication knowledge in English
  • Good working knowledge in Indonesian or Chinese
  • Experience with Internet Explorer/Netscape/Opera, MS-Office, Email Client (Outlook, Eudora)
  • Excellent Phone Manners, Prospecting and Prospect Qualification Skills
  • No criminal record

General IT position requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge in Delphi, Java, PHP, C, C++
  • Good knowledge in cryptography
  • Good working knowledge in TCP/IP, ICMP, SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, SSL
  • Excellent working knowledge in Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, AIX operating systems

We do not employ VB programmers.

Some of the positions currently open include:

  • Information Security Consultant
  • System Programmer
  • Customer Care Manager
  • Scientific Programmer

If you are interested in joining us please send your CV to jobs@systemintegra.com