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We like to think of our customers as long-term partners that seek the benefits of an understanding that comes from a solid and sustainable relationship.

Many companies continue to fall prey to hackers because of an assumption that installing firewall or any other single solution is enough to protect the enterprise. Performing single information security audit or installing a firewall definitely increase enterprise's security but it is not enough to protect the business from numerous and changing information security threats. New vulnerabilities are being discovered daily at an alarming rate and often what is considered to be secure today, it is being proofed to be entirely vulnerable just the day after. Because of changing nature of information security threats an enterprise's security strategy should also focus on constant security maintenance.

We believe that security is a carefully managed process not a single solution and to maintain this process we provide our clients with professional technical support. System Integra Security Support programme covers following aspects of security management process:

  • Information security strategy planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Detailed security requirements and solutions planning
  • Information security implementation
  • Security maintenance

To get more information about our support programme please contact our sales representative.